In Collaboration with
Carolina Rosso and Chef Joaquin Pascal.
Pretextos IV - Cosita Rica Gallery at ÑAN Culture House.

Based on the concept of the Peruvian “Pollada”, a traditionally working class dish within local cuisine, we were asked to throw a private dinner party at ÑAN Culture House in Lima, Perú. Utilizing low-quality, low cost ingredients found in discount markets for both food and decorations, we presented a feast of delicious food with questionable nutritional value, and centerpieces made of aniline-dyed mortuary flowers, bootleg plush toys and quinceañera balloons. The well-heeled dinner guests enjoyed the free food and liquor mindlessly. By the end of the night there were chicken bones in the centerpieces, cigarette butts in the rented dinerware and cake on the floor. Post-dinner party the table was left uncleaned for gallery patrons to see just what a wonderful time these VIP guests had had.